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Ground Freight

Expedited team service/full truckload

Expedited Team Service/Full Truckload is available throughout North America at any time of the day or night. Using our fleet of company owned equipment and our network of partner carriers we are able to move your expedited truckload shipments to and from any city within North America. We cross into and out of Canada, and Mexico and the U.S. without needing to unload the trailer that your critical shipment is moving in. This is a door to door service and we can arrange customs clearance in all three countries.

Expedited Hot Shot Services

Whether you need and envelope to be rushed across town or a 5000 pound pallet rushed across the country this service covers your needs. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we can expedite anything you need across North America.

Consolidated Milk Run Services

This product is designed for those who have manufacturing facilities in one country and a substantial amount of suppliers in another country. We pickup your raw material shipments and consolidate them on a trailer in one of our consolidation centers located throughout North America. The full trailer is then moved directly to your manufacturing facility. Our US/Mexico border based warehouses are designed as consolidation centers to give you a US Receiving address on the Mexican border.

First-time shipper?

Are you new to shipping? Or do you ship just once in while? Then our First-Time Shipper section is for you. Click through for a quick look at the shipping process with a special focus on the questions first-time shippers ask most often. The right column on every page lists links to information on various aspects of shipping. For specific questions, follow the links for the answers you need.

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Logistics News

Dec 9, 2014

RL"Reynolds Logistics Inc. announces an improved fleet of trucks and trailers along the southern border from San Diego, CA to Laredo, TX.

With this addition of equipment and resources Reynolds Logistics can provide unparalleled service for all critical shipments crossing the Mexican and U.S. border at a moments notice.

If you have one package or full truckload that needs expedited service, Reynolds Logistics will take the extra step to make cross-border shipping easier. Our on-site professionals and strong Customs relationships minimize border-crossing times and keeps your shipment moving.

Call us 24 hours a day at 800-429-3061 and speak to one of our informed customer service staff members to book you shipment..

May 14, 2013

RLReynolds Logistics Inc. is proud to announce the opening of our newest Service Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are investing resources to provide World Class logistics service to the shipping community. From Expedited Air Freight to Economy Truckload across the country or across the world, you have Customer Service Representatives available 24 Hour a day to assist with all your transportation needs. Call us at 800-429-3061 or email us to learn more about how our new Las Vegas, NV facility can help grow your business.

Jan 14, 2013

RLReynolds Logistics has formed a strategic partnership with OBTENCARGA.COM, Mexico s newest premier load posting board. We see the clear potential of this free service that benefits both our customers and our suppliers to enhance the supply chain flow in Mexico.

Logistics, your Way

Mexico DirectReynolds Logistics caters to the "Just-in-time" and high volume manufacturing community.

We understand production cycles and the costs caused by "down time" and the late completion of finished goods. We help you minimize the negatives in the production cycles by providing guaranteed.

  • Exclusive Use Charter Aircraft,
  • World-wide Hand Carry Service,
  • Same Day, Next Day, Second Day, and Economy Airfreight,
  • Full Truck load and less-than Truck load services available.

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Mexico Direct

Mexico DirectReynolds Logistics has also created "Mexico Direct", a service that encompasses every aspect of the supply chain, especially for those companies with manufacturing in Mexico.

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Cross Border & Intra Mexico

Mexico DirectReynolds Logistics takes the extra step to make cross-border shipping easier. Our on-site professionals and strong Customs relationships minimize border-crossing times and keep your business moving forward.

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